How can I create a profile as a psychologist at BetterSpace?

Creating your profile at BetterSpace is super easy task. It would take you approximately 30 min to make the entire profile which can go live instantly! Here is a quick checklist on all the things you have to do –

  • Did you sign up at ?
  • Did you add your Appointment slots? 
  • Did you add your list of Services you offer for your clients?
  • Did you add your Introduction for your clients?
  • Did you update your Profile Picture (lower than 5MB)?
  • Did you add pictures, videos, Certificates in the Media Gallery?
  • Did you add any brochure of your work at Useful Downloads?
  • Did you update your Amenities? (if you want to suggest more amenities, Iet us know)
  • Did you update your business hours? (only for Premium Plus/Diamond Members)
  • Did you add your work experience and educational background for your clients to see?
  • Did you update any social media links? (Not necessary if you’re not comfortable)
  • Did you add any team members who would help you in managing your calendar? (Optional)
  • Do you need a customized coupon code for your clients?  (if yes, contact us for more. It is ideal for psychologists with sliding scale prices)
  • Did you add details in the “Identity Verification” section?
  • Did you link your Paypal or Payoneer account?  (you will get instant payments easily with these options, better than bank account transfer)
  • Did you Buy a Plan that works best for your needs? (VERY IMPORTANT STEP- booking appointment option won’t show to clients until plan is activated)


We hope this checklist helps you make your profile easily!