What are the types of disabilities?

According to the Indian Law, the new Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016, recognised 21 types of disabilities. They are – 

The 21 disabilities are

(a) blindness

(b)Low- vision

(c) Leprosy cured person

(d) hearing impairment

(e ) Locomotor disability

(f) Dwarfism

(g) Intellectual Disability

(h) Mental Illness

(i) Autism Spectrum Disorder

(j) Cerebral Palsy

(k) Muscular Dystrophy

(l) specific learning disabilities

(m) multiple sclerosis

(n) Thalassemia

(o) Hemophilia

( p) Sickle cell disease

(q) Multiple Disabilities

(r) Acid attack victims

(s) Parkinson’s disease

(t) speech and Learning disability

(u) Chronic Neurological conditions (Specified Disability).