How can the community help persons with disability ?

The community has a long way to go in terms of being good allies to disabled persons. People need to be sensitised, and educated about the different issues that come with a disability, so that they can contribute effectively to the well being of disabled individuals. Awareness needs to be spread at the very grass […]

Who will take care of child with disability after their parents die?

Usually after parents’ death, their blood relatives (brothers/sisters, aunts/uncles) take over as legal guardians of the children. If the parents’ brothers and sisters are not alive, or aren’t  in the condition to take care of the child, the child is  taken care of by the next closest relatives. The National Trust Act, 1999 emphasises on […]

Can persons with disabilities get married and have a family?

This depends on the type of disability. People with visual, or auditory impairments can definitely get married and have families. Individuals with intellectual disabilities however, cannot get married as they are unable to take responsibilities of marriage, life partner and children.     

Can persons with disability work and earn for their living?

Yes, they definitely can! With the right kind of interests and training, disabled individuals can find jobs that will keep them engaged. Persons older than 18 can get vocational skill training (basic trainings that helps them earn their livelihood) which prepares them to work in different jobs based on their interest and skill,  that are […]

What kind of  treatment is given to children with disabilities?

Treatment is given depending on the age, type of disability ,severity level, associated conditions and present level of the children with disability. Treatment is either Medical  eg – medication to control of fits, Special  Educational services to enhance the development in the areas of adaptive skills, academic, functional skills, prevocational and vocational skills for self […]

Having a disabled child at home affects the entire family. Is it true? 

Living with a disabled child can have profound effects on the entire family–parents, siblings, and extended family members. It is a unique shared experience for families and can affect all aspects of family functioning. On the positive side, it can broaden horizons, increase family members’ awareness of their inner strength, enhance family cohesion, and encourage […]

Does disabled child go to school like other children?

All the children with disabilities  must be enrolled in primary schools., according to RTE ( Right to Education ) Act 2009 . After the assessment of their disabilities by a team of a doctor, a psychologist, and a special educator, in schools, the child will be placed in appropriate inclusive  educational settings. As per the […]

Are there any laws that protect disabled persons?

There are various provisions in the law to safeguard the rights & well-being of disabled persons, such as: The Person with Disabilities Act, 1995 now termed as RPD (Right to Persons with Disability) Act 2016.  The Mental Health Act, 1987 The Rehabilitation Council of India, 1992 The National Trust for Welfare of Persons with Autism, […]

Do normal children accept disabled children?

Since the worldview of a child is often limited to their own understanding, it might be difficult for many children at first to acknowledge disability.  However, with the help of parents, teachers & other caregivers, they can be made aware of the same, and how to foster an environment of love, support & acceptance for […]