How do I gift a therapy session to a friend/family/loved one?

You can gift a therapy session to a loved one by the following way – Find the Psychologist who works the best for your loved one’s needs. While booking the session with the Psychologist, choose the option “For Someone Else” and fill out the details of your loved one. You can pay for thier session […]

How do I book a session with a Psychologist?

To book a session with a Psychologist – Click on “Find the Psychologist” tab Use the filter for finding a Psychologist best for your needs Go through the profile of Psychologists to know more about them When you find a Psychologist who works out best for your needs, book a session with them! You can […]

I have booked a session, but the professional has not contacted me, what do I do?

Thank you for booking a session with our professional. Usually our professionals respond immidietely to a booking. If in a rare case this happens, you can do the following things – Try to contact the professional using the chat option available at HEAL. OR Call our team at 8055553389 or whatsapp at 9380026400 We are […]

I am having Suicidal thoughts, would online therapy work for me?

Although this is a debatable topic, Shivtensity believes that there is no difference in online and face to face therapy. All professionals  at our platform have added technology based therapy in their skillsets, especially after COVID pandemic. When it comes to feeling suicidal or having thoughts about suicide, talking to a professional and working towards […]