Dhanashree Sohoni

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I am a practicing Counselling Psychologist since past 3 years. I have an experience dealing with students, adults and patients dealing with De-addiction. I use Psychological therapies to help you out with the treatment plan. Being an artist and a Psychologist helps my clients to develop a new insight to deal with the present issues. […]

Meghana S A

Hi, I have a master’s degree in Psychology(specialization in Clinical Psychology) from Montfort College, Bengaluru. I have also completed a diploma in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.  I aim to provide a safe space for individuals who seek therapy. I am curious about the human mind. 

Ms Agnieszka

A result-driven and diligent counseling psychologist, Agnieszka is a believer of individuality and wishes to help individuals understand their own emotional, social and psychological problems. She believes in providing comfort and safe space to people with an emphasis for holistic well being by following an eclectic approach to counseling. With a master’s degree in Clinical […]

Psychologist Anoushka Raut

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A warm hello to you!, I am Anoushka Raut a practsing Psychologist in Mumbai. I come from a humanistic school of thoughts meaning I like to see my clients beyond symptoms and signs and try to understand what brings hope to them. My therapeutic approach is versitile (eclectic) in nature with a compassionate and trauma […]

Ridhima Jain

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Hello, I’m Ridhima Jain, a psychologist and counselor who holds a Master’s in Psychology and Bachelor’s in Psychology. I’m also pursuing diploma in counselling and family therapy. I practice mindfulness. I dealt with various population such as individuals, children, adults, family, couples etc. I am someone who sparks change in people’s lives and relationships.   […]