Louella Rogers


Everyday is a new beginning, and everyone deserves a second chance!!!

Cooke Town, Bengaluru

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A brief introduction

I am a Psychotherapist with a proven track record of success in conducting

psychological evaluations, developing custom made treatment plans, and providing

professional individual and couple therapy. Offering an excellent knowledge

of psychology, highly professional attitude, good communication and people

skills with the extra edge of years of life experience.

  • Feeling overwhelmed but holding it all in because you can’t trust


  • Feeling lonely and need someone to talk to?
  • Feeling stuck in inextricable patterns of behaviour, leaving you

regretful, frustrated, angry, anxious, fearful?

  • Feeling doubtful or confused about a solution to a problem?
  • Struggling to achieve your goals, and make your dreams your destiny?

What you need is confidentiality, empathy, non-judgement, and

someone to accompany on your journey to transformation and


This is what I do. I’m Louella Rogers, MSc Counselling Psychology,

specialized in Marriage and Family Therapy, Internationally Certified Addiction and

Rehabilitation Counsellor, Master Practitioner in Modern Hypnosis, CBT, REBT and

Mindful practice. My approach is eclectic, positive, holistic and person centered with a vision of enriching lives for the better, overcoming challenges by building confidence and hope.