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Transform your team with better mental health practices

Every $1 invested in treating depression and anxiety brings $4 in better health and productivity. Studies say it's a happy bargain! 😃💼


Helping people digest the "taboo ka Samosa"

Welcome to Betterspace Business, where we’ve got the recipe for tackling those tough topics, just like unwrapping a “Taboo ka samosa” with a smile! 🥟 We’re the go-to psychologists for schools and corporations, currently serving over 1,50,000+ students, 5,000+ teachers & staff, and 2,000+ employees.

We’re all about sparking conversations and making mental health, sexuality, and disability as easy to digest as your favorite snack. Ready to create a workplace or classroom that’s more inclusive and fun? We’ve got your back! Join the Betterspace party, where we turn complex discussions into an enlightening and exciting adventure! 🎉🚀

Invest in better mental health

Worked with 50+ organisations, helping them create a better ecosystem of well-being.