4 Signs A Child Is Being Bullied



What is Bullying? 

Bullying is seen as repeated aggressive behavior having a power imbalance and the intent for someone to cause harm. Jin bachchon ko dhamakaaya ja raha hai ve aksar khatara aur shaktiheen mahasoos karate hain.

It can be verbal and physical bullying or even occur online. It can be when someone hits a child while also calling them rude names or using foul language, spreading false information about another child while trying to cause humiliation, or sharing a child’s private photos or videos without their consent.

How does bullying affect children? 


Bullying can cause: 

  • Poor academic performance 
  • Low self-esteem
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts and actions
  • Health problems, such as stomach issues or headaches
  • Depression, anxiety, and stress-related illnesses


They don’t want to go to school in the morning


Why? Because that is where they are getting bullied. Children keep giving excuses to stay home, such as stomachaches and pains, or they may get frequent calls from the school asking you to pick them up early. Teenagers may skip school altogether. Kyunki bachche ghar mein surakshit mahasoos karate hain, isalie ve school se bachna chaahenge.


Troubled sleep, frequent headaches, and stomachaches


When children are nervous or anxious about what might happen the next day at school or elsewhere, they may have difficulty falling asleep, or anxious tossing and turning while trying to sleep. They may seem tired during breakfast or seem exhausted even in the morning. This can also be seen in their ability to focus or maintain proper hygiene- if they’re able to do these tasks, they may be due to bullying. 


Similarly, headaches and stomachaches can be caused by the stress and anxiety from being bullied. They also work as good fake excuses to stay home from school and other social activities. If a child complains of these regularly, it’s important to talk to them about it. Khule ant vaale prashn poochhana ek gair-takaraav vaalee jagah banaata hai jahaan aap samasya kee jad par charcha kar sakate hain.


Crying or intense emotional reactions


Children who are being bullied may start crying to get anxious when talking about school or social activities, as they could be holding anxiety around those events. Ve anichchhuk ho sakate hain ya isake baare mein baat karane se bach sakate hain.


Withdrawing from people and devices. 

Agar koee bachcha saamaany roop se baatoonee nahin hai, ya yadi vah skool ke baad seedhe apane kamare mein jaata hai, to yah dhyaan dene yogy baaten ho sakatee hain. They may fight with their siblings, go to their rooms as soon as they come home, or stop talking as much.

If they are being bullied online, they could get agitated if you try and limit their phone or laptop usage. They might also not let you get a hold of the devices because they might be afraid of you finding out. Aapko yah dikhaana chahiye ki aap in upakaranon ko door nahin le ja rahe hain, balki isake bajaay aap samasya ko hal karane mein madad karana chaahate hain.

Bullying ek gambheer samasya hai jo chhaatron kee shaikshanik aur saamaajik roop se pragati karane kee kshamata ko naatakeey roop se prabhaavit kar sakatee hai. Ek vyaapak hastakshep yojana jisamen sabhee chhaatron, abhibhaavakon aur skool ke karmachaariyon ko shaamil kiya gaya hai, yah sunishchit karane ke lie aavashyak hai ki sabhee chhaatr surakshit aur bhay mukt vaataavaran mein seekh saken. 

If you feel like your child or someone you know is being bullied, reach out and talk to a counselor at BetterSpace. 

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