5 ways to help your students when they’re going through body shaming

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What Is Body-Shaming? 

Body shaming happens when one person makes fun of or mocks someone’s physical appearance. It can also occur when someone is criticizing their appearance. It’s more than just pictures or words- it is harmful to many people. 

This can be done in-person or online and can take place through photos and videos or spoken words. When it happens online, it is called cyberbullying, and given the 24-hour access that most students have to the internet, it can be especially harmful. 

Body Shaming happens when we ask someone if they are pregnant just because they have put on weight, ask people to eat more vegetables if they think they should lose weight, ask people if they were fatter the last time they met, and more. 

What’s more, it’s everywhere. In Judwaa 2, Varun Dhawan’s character runs away from an overweight policewoman because he thinks that she won’t be able to run after him just because of her weight. This movie came out in 2017- how is that okay to show people? 

Jitana ham sochana pasand karate hain, isase koee phark nahin padata ki doosare hamaare baare mein kaya sochte hain, sachchaee yah hai ki doosare jo kahate hain aur sochate hain, vah hamaare maanasik svaasthy par bahut prabhaav daal sakata hai – khaasakar students ke lie.

May things like our unrealistic cultural norms, fashion trends, and social media feeds, lead to body-shaming that can cause severe emotional trauma and even cause depression and other serious mental health disorders in students. 

Chhaatr aksar yah maanane ke lie adhik ichchhuk hote hain ki any aayu samoohon kee tulana mein any log unake baare mein kya sochate hain. Aise mein, body shaming can have a very big effect on their lives. That is why we need to learn more about body shaming, how body shaming harms students, and what can be done if your student is experiencing body shaming. 

How does Body-Shaming affect students? 

Yah unke aatm-sammaan ka prachaar kar sakata hai jisase chhaatron mein maanasik svaasthy sambandhee kaee samasyaen ho sakatee hain. 

Isse unko Body dysmorphic disorder, Depression, Other eating disorders, social isolation, and many other conditions ho sakte hein that are incredibly dangerous to your student’s mental and physical health and require medical or therapy.


How to Stop Body-Shaming in students? 

Here are 5 things for you to do to stop body shaming students: 

Don’t be harsh

When you are talking to your students, focus on the positives. Talk about their character and personality more than the way they look to help them overcome low self-esteem. 

Help them tell the difference between “fit” from “fiction”

Obviously, students with internet access see hundreds or thousands of edited images telling them what “beautiful” is. You have an opportunity to help them define what beauty is, so use it to focus on fitness and nutrition and healthy habits over superficial looks. It’s a good reminder to the class that looks can fade but being healthy has lasting benefits.

Be a good example

Look at your attitude towards your body. Instead of talking about some “diet” you read about and “ being skinny,” speak on health and good nutrition- especially in front of your students.

Teach them how to respond to body shaming

Sach to yah hai ki ham body shaming karne vale samaaj mein rahate hain. Jab any log unake shareer ke baare mein tippanee karate hain, to apane bachche ko kuchh achchhee pratikriyaen sikhaen.

Help them think of things to say for the most common taunts and work on these with them so they have the confidence to use them. It can be something like:

Aakhiree cheej jisakee mujhe paravaah hai vah yah hai ki aap mere shareer ke baare mein kya sochate hain.

Just stop talking about my body.

Mujhe apana shareer pasand hai. It’s good that my opinion of myself doesn’t depend on your opinion of me.

If you help your student feel physically safe and emotionally supported, you can encourage them to speak up for themselves. Help them feel confident and as if they deserve to talk back to a body bully because they do! 


Recognize the consequences of body shaming


Body shaming se ladane ka pahala kadam isake astitv ko pahachaanana hai aur yah aapake chhaatr par kya shakti dhaaran kar sakata hai. Talk about how our culture makes our bodies look bad, even though that’s the body that most people in the country have. Sab log size 0 to nahin hote hein na? Talk about it. Instead of saying that someone should look like Katrina Kaif or Hrithik Roshan from Dhoom, talk about how they can also look like Vidya Balan from Lage Raho Munna Bhai, or Rajkumar Rao from Stree, or literally anyone else. 


What next? 


Achchhee khabar yah hai ki aapaka chhaatr Body shaming ke gaav bar sakate hai. Finding treatment for depression, eating disorders and self-esteem issues can help heal them mentally and physically. They can learn to accept themselves exactly as they are and not compare themselves to unrealistic ideals. 


If you see someone body-shaming in person or online, say something.  If you are on a social media platform, report it as “inappropriate content.” You can help make a difference in your student’s or other people’s lives, by raising awareness of what body shaming is and how harmful it can be. There is always hope. Your students can overcome this and it’s time they know it.


Ham un logon ko sashakt banaana aur badhaana chaahate hain jo khaane ke vikaaron aur shareer se napharat se mukt hain. Do you want to know how to help your students? Reach out to Shivtensity today! 

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