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Core Team of Psychologists At BetterSpace

    Imagibox is an at-home therapy box that was conceptualized by practicing psychologists. It is based on the psychological principles of learning and inclusive education to help children enhance their cognitive development and encourage socio emotional learning (SEL).

    Each 3 monthly box of Imagibox encompasses 100 fun-filled parent – child based activities which improves intellectual growth and family bonds. The colourful, introspective activities enhance the learning potential of children. 

    It was well known to Psychologists at BetterSpace that children face various struggles while learning, they are either disinterested or bored, have low focus or concentration on the subjects, dependent on mobile devices or screens, are slow in learning , and face learning difficulties in their academic achievement. 

    A six month pilot survey was conducted on the utilisation of the Imagibox from June till December 2023. 100 parents were a part of this study. 30 parents of regular school going children, 35 parents of children with learning disability and 35 parents of children who are detected as slow learners. These parents were given all the activities of Imagibox designed by psychologists on a monthly basis and were asked to conduct them at home and report the progress. After 6 months of trial and regular interaction & feedback with psychologists at BetterSpace, it was found out that the contents of the  Imagibox were very comprehensive and showed improvement in the child’s cognitive development as well as behavioural change within the family system. The feedback given was that the activities suggested in Imagibox were well illustrated, colourful, fun and introspective which fuelled the child’s curiosity. There was a rise in the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) level of children who regularly used this box with their parents. Children showed more emotional attachment and connection with parents and family members. Some parents stated that the activities were age appropriate and creative, their children showed less dependency towards mobiles and more on offline activities. It was seen that all 100 parents saw an improvement in their child, activities of Imagibox were equally helpful to a child with slow learning and learning difficulties as well as a (neurotypical) regular child. 

    This concluded the clinical trial aspect of Imagibox, making it a one – of – a kind  multilingual, inclusive, convenient and scientifically backed therapy box developed by psychologists. Now it is available for commercial use for any parent with a child between the age of 3 years to 15 years, in multiple languages.

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