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A little stress can be helpful because it can motivate us to get things done. But a lot of stress is a problem. Coping with exam stress can be a difficult thing to do. We know this because numerous school and university students seek help for studies-related mental health concerns. So we’ve got a few ways for you to try out, to help you manage the stress! 


Breathing Exercises

Give yourself a couple of minutes every day for mindfulness techniques, such as breathing exercises, mindful walking, or a body scan. These exercises help you calm your body’s reaction to stress and shift your attention back to the present moment. Isse aapako apanee chinta ke baare mein spasht roop se sochane ka samay milata hai, anupayogee vichaar paitarn se chhutakaara milata hai, aur aapako badee sankhya mein pareekshaon se nipatane aur adhik prabhaavee sanshodhan shuroo karane mein saksham banaata hai.


Practice healthy eating, sleeping, and exercise


Trying to pull all-nighters, living on a poor diet, and getting minimal amounts of movement during the day can increase symptoms of anxiety. Apane shareer ke sarvashreshth pradarshan ke lie, sunishchit karen ki aap 8-9 ghante kee neend le rahe hain, paryaapt dheemee gati se rileej hone vaale kaarbs, kam kaipheen aur adhik paanee, aur prati din kam se kam aadha ghanta vyaayaam kar rahe hain. 


Your body has to get nutrients from food to keep functioning properly. What you eat affects how you feel both emotionally and physically. Udaaharan ke lie, bahut adhik vasa ya sharkara vaale khaady padaarth aapako bhaaree ya sust mahasoos kara sakate hain. jab hamaare shareer mein aavashyak eendhan aur poshak tatv hote hain, to isase tanaav aur chinta kee bhaavanaon ko prabandhit karana bahut aasaan ho jaata hai.


It’s important to sleep well because good sleep helps you remember what you learned. So make sure you get enough sleep, especially on the days before your exams. Exercise often so you end up feeling calm, fresh, and energetic for hours!


Set realistic goals for yourself


When you set realistic goals whether you have weeks, days, or hours before your exam, you can learn to put everything into perspective. Aapakee sthiti kee sveekrti aur aapake paas jo kuchh bhee hai usake daayare mein kaam karana aapakee utpaadakata ko adhikatam karata hai bina khud ko jalaane ke jokhim ke.


If you experience any panic, take deep breaths, hydrate yourself, and then go back to the problem. Try breaking it down into several, manageable chunks, so that you can understand it better. Yaad rakhen ki aamataur par har samasya ka ek tarkasangat samaadhaan hota hai, bhale hee aap ise pahalee nazar mein na dekh saken. 


Make sure you keep adjusting your goals based on your progress. Just like how it’s okay to finish things quickly, it’s also okay to take some time to finish things. 


Give yourself rewards and create a positive mindset.


Small wins that happen along the way are wins to celebrate. Give yourself small breaks or little treats when you get a goal, so it motivates you to do more. 


Sakaaraatmak vichaaron ya cheeyaraleeding stetament jaise “mujhe yah mil gaya” ya “main apanee pooree koshish karane ja raha hoon, ke saath “main asaphal hone ja raha hoon” ya “main aisa nahin kar sakata” jaise nakaaraatmak vichaaron ya nakaaraatmak vichaaron ka mukaabala saamagree”.


You can even write positive, encouraging notes and stick them around your study area!


If you think you are struggling, talk to someone


Did you know that revising with peers helps you study as it allows individuals to absorb their own notes better? Additionally, the emotional benefits of social support create a sense of confidence and autonomy.


Kabhee-kabhee sirph cheejon ke baare mein baat karane se aap behatar mahasoos kar sakate hain aur jis vyakti se aap baat karate hain vah cheejon ko pariprekshy mein rakhane mein aapakee madad kar sakata hai. 


Remember, asking for help is never shameful. It can even help save a life. When you feel like you’re struggling, talk to friends, family, or your personal tutor about how you are feeling. You can seek professional help and support.


If you feel like you want to reach out to someone, we’re here for you at BetterSpace. Reach out to us today!

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